Thursday, November 24, 2005

All Worn Out!

I had all these plans to go to the lake after work and go for a practice swim and a run but it was a bleak cool day and very windy near the lake and it didn't take a lot for Mr B to convince me that it wasn't such a good plan. I didn't want to drown on my own so came home after work instead and as I keep nodding off in front of the computer it was probably a good idea not to attempt a lake swim today! We have one week tomorrow to complete our tender at work - could be a few late nights next week.

Morning Activity: Cycle
Distance: 16.24km
Time: 48:33
Location: Ginninderra Drive hill repeats
Calories: 312
AHR: 129bpm
MHR: 192bpm
Max speed: 42kph
Av speed: 20kph

Comments: Cycled to Ginninderra Drive where I rode 4 x hill repeats along Ginninderra Drive to the AIS and back to Ellenborough Street against a head wind. On the last repeat I kept cycling and cycled home via the cycle track past the AIS and Kaleen. The hills were hard work - just a steady incline but felt it. There were lots of cyclists out there and I do prefer road cycling to cycle tracks providing there's a shoulder on the road. It was a pretty cold morning but I warmed up pretty quickly. Three sleeps to the WAG Tri - scary! Hope I can try a swim in the lake on Saturday.

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