Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wednesday looks both ways to Sunday!

Why oh why did I enter the Women's and Girls' Triathlon on Sunday? I don't feel at all prepared! I will probably drown!

Morning activity: Killer abs and weights at home

Evening activity: Yoga

Comments: After another stressful day at work (it'll be like this for another two weeks!) it was great to go to yoga. We had a relief teacher tonight and she was excellent, different from our Polly but it was good to do some things a slightly different way. Some of the stretches hurt, especially the calf stretches after the hill runs I've had lately but it's a good sort of pain! At the end of the session we had a good ten minutes of relaxation. I even heard someone snore! We had to lie there and blank the mind and concentrate only on our breathing. Every time the mind wanders we have to concentrate on bringing it back to our breathing - difficult at times because my mind definitely tends to wander - to things I need to do at work, to the triathlon on Sunday, back to work, to what to have for dinner, back to work - ahhhhh - just breathe, in, out, in, out - eventually it almost worked. I almost blanked my mind. I just needed another ten minutes. The hardest part is being told to slowly open the eyes and gently wake up - damn. I just wanted to stay there on my back. That end bit is the best - the stress just floats away, even temporarily is good. We only have three more sessions this year - that's so sad.

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