Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Middle of the Week Already!

Gosh, it's Wednesday already and I'm three days behind with my blog!

Activity: Swim at Civic Pool
Distance: 1.3km

Comments: 2 x 500m then 300m cool down followed by brekkie with CJ & Mr B and a mediocre coffee!

Tonight I had complimentary tickets to a special screening of Flight Plan with Jodie Foster so I had to miss speedygeoff's training session at Parliament House. It was a very exciting movie - I was on the edge of my seat!

Activity: Run
Location: Kaleen block
Distance: 6km
Time: 33:42
AHR: 157bpm
MHR: 170bpm
Average pace per km: 5:36

Comments: I had to run this morning as again I missed speedygeoff's training group, this time at North Lyneham, as I took Mr B to see Joe Cocker in concert. It was a great night. I preferred the second half of his program as we knew all the songs. He had three encores and the Llewellyn Hall was packed. The average age of the audience was "old" to say the least - a bit different from when we went to see Jewel some years ago when we would have been the oldest by about 20 years! This time we fitted right in - similar to when we went to Neil Diamond - even saw people we knew. Mr B kept bumping into friends of his age group from work and squash during the interval - a sad reflection on our choice of music. I'll rephrase that. I bought the tickets as a surprise for Mr B as he really likes Joe Cocker - I certainly enjoy some of his music and he was a great performer last night with a very responsive audience.

Wednesday - Success with the shoulder stand!
Early this morning I struggled through all CJ's killer abs but I had to stop between each set - no way can I manage all five sets without a break. It kills! I also lifted a few weights. Tonight I went to yoga and we finally did our shoulder stand - woo hoo. It was a great feeling lifting those legs above my head. It was a great session. Tonight was our sixth session and we have ten in this series. I will be really sad when we finish and will definitely sign up for Beginners 2 next year.

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