Thursday, November 10, 2005

One more day to Friday

Activity: Cycle 6.15am
Distance: 11km
Time: 32mins
Location: Past Lake G and home via Giralang & Kaleen
Average Speed: 20.3kph
Max speed: 35kph
Calories: 200
AHR: 113bpm
MHR: 218bpm

Comments: Gentle ride to keep my legs moving. Slower than the other day but had to push against a head wind. Started too late to fit in much distance. Flash Duck has suggested we wear our CR cycling top at the Tour de Femme Sunday - great idea. I had been trying to decide which Italian top to wear so if I wear the CR one I won't have to make that decision and we'll be able to find each other afterwards! Mind you, CJ, FD, H & N will have to wait patiently for me after they finish!! Wonder if CJ and FD plan to wear the CR singlet at the fun run on Saturday? Will check!

Activity: Dancing 7.30pm
Location: Danceway Belconnen

Comments: Tonight we spent a lot of the evening going over the Tangoette - so many steps in that but going over it several times is certainly a help. We also danced the Rumba and learnt the Jive which we haven't done before. Next week we have a two hour session and we go over every dance we have learnt - now that could be interesting! I have to say the feet certainly have a good workout on the dance floor!
Tomorrow morning I meet CJ for a swim and then that lovely muesli brekkie! Aaaaah - Friday is nearly here.


  1. You'll surprise yourself on Sunday I am sure.

  2. .... especially if you make the decsion to eat lots of chockie before the event.