Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Just Singing in the Rain" ..........
.......................well running, actually but it sounded like a song coming on!

Activity: Run 5.50am
Distance: 6km
Location: Kaleen block
Time: 33:39
Pace per km: 5:37
AHR: 159bpm
MHR: 188bpm
Calories: 355
Fastest km: 5:31

Comments: The alarm woke me at 5.30am and I didn't realise it was raining until I stepped out the door. By then I was all set to run anyway so there was no turning back. It wasn't too bad - just a steady light rain which kept me cool (or something) and wet! There were still a surprising number of people out walking appropriately dressed unlike me. By the time I arrived home I resembled a drowned rat but never mind, at least I did it!

Tonight at ballroom dancing we learnt the remaining steps in the Evening Two Step (27 steps in this so-called "Two Step"!) and more variations of the quick step and the cha cha cha - my head is spinning! More practice is definitely required although I think we have improved slightly. It's surprisingly exhausting - all this concentration and spinning round! Tomorrow morning I have dragon boat training at 6.45am - here's hoping the rain stops while we're out on the lake as it can become very cold out there. I plan to meet CJ for brekkie afterwards. I'll be looking forward to a nice hot coffee I imagine.

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  1. Oh I did a great impersonation of a drowned rat yesterday. I hate to take my hat, shoes and singlet off before I went into the house because the water was dripping off. But oh, don't you just love running in the rain :-)

    Have a great weekend,