Monday, October 24, 2005

Dragons Galore
Friday morning before work we had our final training session for our dragon boat race and it went really well. We had two more new people, our group has not once been the full contingent but today was pretty close in spite of our early start of 6.45am. It was a drizzly morning but out on the lake, with the mist swirling over the water, it was quite magical and the water was perfectly still. It was glorious out there - a great training session.
Sunday dawned sunny, clear and warm. We were so lucky with the weather considering the way it had been earlier in the weekend. We had a rather bad heat but the main race went really well. By then we had perfected our timing skills and the adrenalin was pumping. We were only 1/8 of a second behind the second place getter in our final so I am told we scored a trophy but we didn't qualify for the grand final unfortunately. It was lots of fun though.

Monday - Just a Swim
Activity: Swim 6.30am
Location: Civic Pool with CJ

A slow swim in a slow lane full of slow swimmers. Yes, it was a busy morning at the pool and difficult to avoid other swimmers or find a lane that wasn't very full. I just swam 2 x 500m. I felt lethargic and definitely lacking in sleep after a late night celebrating daughter and daughter-in-law's birthdays this week with Turkish take aways and a few glasses of wine followed by chocolate birthday cake - yum! Too much food sat on my stomach until the small hours of the morning when I woke with some discomfort and didn't manage to fall asleep again until 5mins before the alarm. The overnight rainfall didn't help as my wrist ached painfully without respite. However, breakfast at RBB with CJ was definitely welcome!
As the moment drew near to leave the office at the end of the working day to join speedygeoff's training session at Parliament House down came the rain in absolute buckets followed by hail, thunder and lightning - definitely not the night to drive to training. In fact driving home at that time was a challenge as it was quite difficult to negotiate the car through the storm as vision was at a minimum. It was comforting to stay home tonight while Mr B had to go out to play squash on the other side of town. I've had a fairly slack few days exercise-wise so I guess I should return to running tomorrow if the weather clears.


  1. I like the look of the person sitting at the end, who doesn't get to paddle.

    Is that the cushy job.??

  2. Didn't think you'd be going to PH last night! I am still really tired and very sore - DOMS has definitely settled in.