Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Change of Pace
Activity: Cycle 6am
Location: Lake Ginninderra
Distance: 15.45km
Time: 44:47
AHR: 117bpm MHR: 138bpm
Calories: 278
Maximum speed: 34kpm Av sp: 20.7kph

Comments: Cold morning with a light frost. Wore long gloves, leggings and ear warmers. Cycled to the lake and round it and back home the same way rather than past the maggies. Gandalf says my heart rate isn't working hard enough - not enough effort involved! Damn, it felt like hard work to me!
Activity: Gym
Location: Canberra Club
Exercises: Free Weights to work upper body and abs exercises
Time: 1 hour
Comments: About 10mins warm-up on the treadmill then 50 minutes with weights working upper body followed by swiss ball abs exercises and crunches. Had some exercise sheets to follow which made it easier but still had to concentrate!
Tomorrow is another early start to go for a run and I plan to swim tomorrow night and start dancing (yes, dancing) on Thursday night! On Friday I start training for the Dragons Abreast Dragon Boat race on 23 October. It's good to try a few different forms of exercise!

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  1. Dragon boat racing sounds like fun. Flashduck and I are considering going kayaking on LBG some time soon, and I'm looking forward to it.

    It appears you know a neighbour of mine. :)