Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cycle and Run Day
Activity: Cycle 6am
Distance: 17.56km
Time: 53mins
Av sp: 19.7kph
Max sp: 33kph
AHR: 115bpm
MHR: 135bpm
Location: From home to Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club and return
Comments: A lovely sunny morning - crisp and clear. A gentle ride with energy lacking but pleasant. Unfortunately I set Gandalf on "run" instead of "bike" which made for an interesting result - a fast "run" but a slow "bike"!

Activity: Run 5.30pm
Distance: 9.41km
Time: 57:39
Location: North Lyneham
AHR: 154bpm
MHR: 209bpm
Calories: 548
Rate per km: 6.08
Fastest km: 5:33
Comments: Met CJ to run the North Lyneham hills again. A little slow but it was a bit windy and very undulating but the company was good! We saw lots of kangaroos bounding near us, some slowed down to stare at these strange humans and others leapt off at an enviable pace!

In the evening I took a bottle of champers and visited close friends who have just had their entire house renovated. It is stunning and it was so nice to sit down with them for a couple of hours and toast their "new" house with champagne.

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