Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Garmin has arrived!
Woo hoo, it landed on my desk today - how exciting. I've charged the battery and tomorrow when I meet CJ for brekkie after we swim, we'll be talking "garmins". I can't wait to use it. It didn't arrived until about 3.30pm so I didn't have time to charge it before my afternoon run but I'll test it out in the weekend.

Activity: Run at 5.15pm
Location: From office to ANU past museum and back
Distance: approx 8.5km
Time: 50mins
Comments: Left work at 5.15pm and ran over the bridge past Rydges and towards the museum. Everything was hurting tonight, the knee, the ankle, everything, not helped by the fact that I walked into our weights (very big ones at that) which were in the wrong place on the dining floor last night and have such a sore little toe, so I decided to avoid the hills and run past the museum and on to the ANU grounds before turning and running back the same way. On the return leg I met up with a friend from triathlons who was cycling with his little girl on the back of his bike while his wife was running, training for the Half Ironman. He cycled beside me for a while so we could chat. It's great the way I never seem to lack company on that run route. I might add it was another stunning day in Canberra and it really is a pleasure to run in this weather in spite of the aches and pains!


  1. Given all the shows of affection I see around me, I wonder if I can change my name to "Garmin"?

  2. Hey great blog. I just discovered it from a link in Flash Duck's blog. I'm sure you'll love the Garmin, they're lots of fun!

  3. Sorry to hear that you had a tough run today but I'm sure you'll enjoy tomorrow's run with your next toy ;-) How exciting!!! So have you named it yet??

  4. Keep at it Strewth, I also noticed a certain team came first in the female opens...

    Great run the other day. :)

  5. I saw those results Aki! How cool is that!! Thanks to FD and CJ way out there in front bringing up our team average! Next year you have to join us.