Friday, September 02, 2005

Tuesday I woke with a sore throat - not a good sign. We went with friends to the Electric Shadows Theatre in the evening to see a few locally made short movies. The main one (a whole 18minutes) was 'The Milk Man' and set in Griffith in 1988. It was very well done and had all the necessary ingredients - pathos, drama, romance and humour. A good coffee (decaf) at Babars later made for a very pleasant evening.

Activity: Run
Location: London Circuit to Lake BG round museum and beyond
Distance: Approx 5.5km (I need a garmin!)
Time: 30mins
Comment: Very cold and I forgot my long sleeved running top so I ran with my gym t-shirt (the original intention was to go to the gym) and a singlet top - must have looked very strange! I ran with my friend who roller bladed. We didn't leave work until 5.35pm so had to return before it was too dark to blade or we would have gone out for longer.

Thursday (today) - First day of Spring
This morning I had a work-related breakfast - yesterday I had a brekkie with friends - two mornings in a row when I was unable to run. However I did go over to the Canberra Club after work but not to lift weights - just to the 15metre (!) pool.
Activity: Swim
Location: Canberra Club Pool
Distance: 930metres (I miscounted the laps - very tricky in a 15metre pool!!)
Time: 24mins
Comments: Far too difficult to keep count! I enjoyed the spa and sauna I had after the swim - a lovely way to end a hectic working day. My throat is still sore but I don't think the swimming made it any worse. I'll find out tomorrow I guess.
This morning I had a wonderful cappuccino with FlashDuck - such a pleasant surprise. I have now signed up for the CT Fun Run in the CR team - woo hoo - hope I don't slow down the team time too much. It was great to have a long chat with FD. She is a delight.

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