Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Monday - A cold start to the week
Activity: Swim
Location: Civic Pool
Distance: 1km
Time: 28:57
Comment: Marginally faster than last week! Gosh it was a cold day today - I missed CJ and Mr B joining me for brekkie. In fact I just bought a loaf of raisin bread and toasted it at work with a take-away cappuccino - not the same at all. Today CJ will be enjoying a well-earned rest after a fantastic PB in Sydney. FD did a great time too - what an amazing woman! Spoke to JS as he travelled back from Sydney yesterday. He also ran the marathon - a difficult run but he did well although I think he was a bit disappointed with his time. He found it much tougher than Canberra which is what a number of people have said. I'm hoping he will train with me for the Canberra Ultra next year.

Activity: Run with speedygeoff's group
Location: Parliament House
Distance: Approx 8.5km (no CJ therefore no garmin)
Time: Approx 45mins
Comments: What a cold cold night! We ran the same 3km warm-up that we have done over the last few weeks. It was actually drizzling when I pulled into the Parliament House underground carpark and I thought we might be running round the carpark but when we emerged outside in the freezing air there was no sign of any more rain so off we set. After the warm-up we did four sets of three squares of the grass running fast on the flat paths and slower on the hills. We had one minute rest between each set of three. To finish we ran a loop of Parliament House. At this stage Peter lent me his spray jacket to wear as I was shivering with cold after cooling down really quickly. I think my problem was I didn't wear enough on top. I really enjoyed a hot shower later and stayed in it far too long!
Tuesday - a little variety
Activity: Cycle 6.15am
Location: Cycle track past Lake G & home via Giralang
Distance: 10.56km
Time: 34mins
Comments: Another cold morning. Wore lots of layers. Started out a bit late in the morning so didn't allow enough time to cycle far but even though it was a short ride I really enjoyed it.
Activity: Gym 5.45pm
Location: Canberra Club
Comments: Warmed up on the treadmill then did 3 x 15reps on the bench press, 3 x 15reps flies, 3 x 15reps of pull-downs. Then I enjoyed a nice hot spa. Haven't been to the gym for many months so need to build up gently.

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