Thursday, September 08, 2005

Activity: Run
Location: Lake Burley Griffin
Distance: 8km plus
Time: 47:16mins
Comments: Lovely day in Canberra today - a little cool wind but mainly lovely blue sky and sunshine. Went for run after work with my friend on blades. Ran from the office past Rydges over the bridge to the lake, turned right and ran down past the museum and turned right along the cycle track for 24mins (I still need that garmin) then turned and ran back to the office. One small problem - I forgot my crop top and had to run in a push-up bra - not a good look!! I must remember to repack my running bag in the evenings! I set my alarm this morning with the intent of cycling to measure the distance for yesterday's run but I rolled over and went back to sleep instead!
Almost forgot to add my CT number arrived yesterday complete with a little tattoo - how cute! Thanks Flash Duck for organising this and running it a week after the marathon - impressive!

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  1. Good to see you back in training and all well.
    Looks like you have some spam to delete!