Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Stunning Day for a Run!
This morning I had a work-related brekkie at Olims, later in the morning a great coffee at Babars and a very nice lunch at Blue Olive with The Hare so it was definitely a necessity to work all that off with a good run after work. And what a great day it was in Canberra today - 20deg and bright sunshine.
Activity: Run
Location: Lake BG
Distance: Approx 9.5km
Time: 55mins
Comments: I had to run alone as my friend forgot his blading gear so I left the office about 5.25pm and ran down to the lake, turned left at the ferry terminal, then instead of heading towards the Museum I ran through the tunnel, over the hill, past Black Mountain Peninsula where the sun was setting over the hills and the sky was pink. It was so pretty there. It would have been nice to share that moment with a friend. Then on to the log cabin toilet block out there in the distance. There I turned round and ran back again. Just before the turnoff over that nasty hill I was joined by an Israeli gentleman who asked if he could join me. He needed directions back to the Uni where he was staying but when we reached his destination he decided to continue running with me back to the ferry terminal and over the bridge as far as Rydges. He told me he had lived in Wellington, NZ, for three years lecturing at the Uni there (where we lived for 20 years before moving to Canberra), he lives in Sydney for a couple of months each year lecturing in Statistics and lives in Israel the rest of the time. Currently he's staying at University House where he gave a lecture today. He left me his number and told me his unpronounceable name suggesting we go for a run on Friday - I don't think so, but it was an interesting encounter! And at least I had company for a small part of my return journey. I am so looking forward to my garmin arriving so that I can accurately calculate my run distances.

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