Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'll try this again!

Sunday 12 September - A beaut day for the Fun Run

Activity: Run
Location: Canberra College to Commonwealth Park
Distance: 10km
Time: 53:20
Comments: After a dreadful day on Saturday, Sunday dawned bright and beautiful - perfect conditions for the Canberra Times Fun Run. We arrived bright and early so that Mr B could do a late entry. Waved to CJ in the toilet queue and found FlashDuck at the start of the run. At least we're all easy to spot in our bright coloured CR gear. CJ joined us soon afterwards and we spotted lots of familiar faces in the crowds waiting for the starting gun. For the first 3 or 4km I managed to run with Mr B but after that he took off and I didn't see him until the end. I actually enjoyed the run, especially the long gentle downhill stretches. It's not a spectator friendly course though so when we passed under the bridges I made sure I waved madly at the spectators cheering from above. At the 5km mark we passed the walkers just starting out on their course. I spotted a friend and we exchanged words of encouragement but I didn't see Aki at that stage. I finished the run in 53:20 which pleased me as, upon looking back at my CT results since 1999, I see that I have never managed a faster time than 55mins in that particular run before today. After passing through the finish chute I found CJ, Mr B and soon afterwards FlashDuck, JS, Griffin and his lovely lady. And then Luckylegs arrived very excited as she had a big PB as well as a big smile! It was great to see everyone - lots of hugs all round. It became very cold very quickly though and we were relieved when finally Mr CJ found us as he had our bags of warm gear. In the meantime Mrs Griffin lent me her lovely warm jacket which helped considerably. We waited around for the barrel draws and the results. None of our group won a barrel draw but it gave us an opportunity to chat. LL had to leave us early. It was so good to finally have a chance to meet her properly and we did manage a group CR photo before her departure. Later FD, CJ and Mr CJ, Aki, Mr B and I went to The Deck for coffee and more chatting. It was a good way to spend a Sun morning and I was quite surprised to note it was well after 2pm when we left for home.
In the evening I took the plunge and ordered a garmin over the web after FD gave me the website today. I just couldn't hang out any longer. Now I have to be patient for the next six days! I can't wait!!
Monday - A new week dawns
An early start and off for a swim to start the week well.
Activity: Swim at 6.30am
Location: Civic Pool
Distance: 1km
Time: 28:03
Comment: Swam in 2 x 500m lots but got caught up with a group of swimmers in the slow lane as it was really busy this morning. Had a yummy brekkie with CJ at RBB afterwards. That's well worth the early morning swim.
Activity: Run at 5.30pm
Location: Parliament House - speedygeoff's group
Distance: 10km (according to CJ's garmin)
Time: 60mins
Comment: Welcome back to speedygeoff! We had what was supposedly an easy session! We had a very long warm up followed by some long loops up and down and across beside the grass between old and new parliament house for about 20mins then a cool down loop round Parliament House. Unfortunately on our last grass loop CJ tripped on the edge of the gutter and hurt her ankle. She was suffering from bad twinges as we finished our cool down so it was not a good way to end the session. I believe she is now taking anti-inflammatories and doing all the correct things (RICE) so here's hoping it recovers quickly.
20 September Tuesday - Swear not by the moon!
Activity: Cycle 6am
Location: Home to and round Lake Ginninderra and home via Giralang
Distance: 17.22km
Time: 54mins
Comments: After such a disastrous blog session last night I dragged myself out of bed and piled on several layers of cycling gear and set off on a short but pleasant cycle to and round the lake. It was really still and cold out there but I really enjoyed the ride in spite of cold tootsies and a blue nose! In the distance I saw the outline of the pale full moon from the previous night and there was a swirling mist over the lake giving an eerie feel. There were also a surprising number of people out there walking round the lake. On the return past Giralang I was swooped repeatedly on my helmet by a very persistent magpie. Obviously Spring has sprung and the magpies are back. However, I arrived home feeling ready to face the day. I could not possibly feel cranky anymore when spring is in the air and a new day beckons!

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