Friday, September 23, 2005

Spring is in the air!
Another lovely day in Canberra. It wasn't even too difficult to roll out of bed well before 6am in order to go to the pool for a swim before brekkie.

Activity: Swim
Time: 7secs slower than Monday!
Distance: 1km
Location: Civic Pool
Comments: I'm sure I swam faster than Monday - maybe my watch was slow!!! Anyway, it was such a lovely morning I couldn't be discouraged. The chef has changed at RBB and our usual brekkie is no longer on the menu so CJ and I had porridge with dates and flaked almonds. It was delicious but very filling.
Today I also had lunch with a colleague at RBB (again) and in the evening I met up with CJ, Mr CJ and two of our training friends who have just returned from overseas and we ate at Zefferellis - oh dear, will this food fight never end? Tomorrow I think I'll cycle but only a little way as I have to save my legs for the Vets' Handicap on Sunday. I'll try out my garmin. What fun!
I hope this gorgeous sunshine stays for the weekend.

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