Monday, September 19, 2005

I am feeling very very cranky right now. I just spent ages writing up my blog for yesterday and it's all disappeared - zip! I put 4 photos on it so now I'll just put 2 on it! I am not at all a happy chappy so perhaps I should leave this tonight and write it up tomorrow instead! I'll put the photos on though so at least I've started (again)!!! Don't you love that shoe selection!


  1. Don't be too cranky!

    I feel embarrassed now by my boring white shoe selection! I promise to do better next time!


  2. You're cranky! I'm sitting here at work with my foot elevated and bandaged,feeling very sorry for myself :(

  3. CJ at work??? Reading blogs huh? Sounds like a good job to me! However, I feel really bad about your ankle - I persuaded you to go to training - oh dear - sorry!! Hope it's better really soon.

  4. Lovely photo; I may even know one or two of the people in it.
    Is Carolyne way ahead of her time? Soon when everyone wears colourful shoes, will all the trendy people wear white?