Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Activity: Run
Location: Lake BG
Distance: 10.18km
Time: 59:25
Km rate: 5:50
AHR: 159bpm MHR: 207bpm!!
Calories used: 617

Comments: Phew! That's a lot of data to record! Ran at 5.15pm from the office, with my friend on blades, to Lake Burley Griffin, turned right at the ferry terminal on to the museum and right round it then on past Black Mountain Peninsula then turned and ran back again. Near the museum we spotted Mummy and Daddy Black Swan with half a dozen tiny fluffy signets following them - so cute. I wore my garmin but forgot to wait for the satellite at the start so may be a little out with the accuracy - could explain that maximum heart rate - oops! It's so cool wearing it though and hearing it beep every kilometre. My fastest km was only 5:38 but I felt like I was running at a good pace so obviously I have to pick up a bit of speed somehow. It was great knowing exactly how far we went. Any ideas for a name for Garmin - I love it! One problem though, it recorded that I ran in Campbell, Victoria - interesting! Not sure how it managed to decide that!


  1. my runs get recorded as Campbell, Victoria as well...just so long as the maps actually show the right place...

    btw, i was the one who said "go Coolrunner" on sunday - i forgot to wear my CR cap!

  2. Thanks heaps. :) Will look forward to meeting up again with you sometime soon, perhaps over another milkshake? :)

  3. I posted a while back how the russian sub didn't have a name but only a number to identify it.

    On one of your runs you're sure to be inspired by a name for your Garmin, and then we'll all say, "Why didn't I think of that!!"