Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Monday 5 September
Activity: Swim with cj at 6.30am
Location: Civic Pool
Distance: 1km
Time: Slow - forgot my watch!
Comments: I swum the 1km without stopping so that must be a bonus. However, I couldn't time myself as I left my watch in my running bag! That's the problem with all these bags. Never mind, I quite enjoyed it and really enjoyed the brekkie at RBB where we both chose Turkish bread toasted with ricotta, honey and banana on top and a great cappuccino - yum, I love starting the week like that!

Activity: Run with speedygeoff's group at 5.30pm
Location: Parliament House
Distance: 8.3km
Comments: We did a similar undulating warm up to last week and cj's garmin tells me it was just over 3km then we had 9 sprints diagonally across the grass (had to watch that footing) interspersed with gentle jogging where we could chat - always good. We followed this with a cool-down loop of Parliament House. An enjoyable session with good company and lots of chatting later!

Tuesday 6 September - Mr B keeps me honest!
Activity: Run at 6pm with Mr B
Location: From home along cycle track past Giralang to tunnel on way to Gungahlin and return
Distance: Approx 8km (will measure on my bike tomorrow to confirm distance - I need that garmin!)
Time: 44:36mins
Comments: Left home (after work) at 6pm with Mr B for company and ran quite briskly (for me) - difficult to keep up but did my best. Ran to tunnel and it took 21.50mins then we turned and ran home in the dark so I watched my footing which slowed us down a little. Still, I think that was probably an ok time for the distance. Will check it on my odometer on my bike. Felt like a good effort so must have been at least 8km according to Mr B. Oh and I did a few abs exercises this morning before work - need to work on that tummy!

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