Saturday, September 10, 2005

I went for an early morning cycle just to check out the run distance from Tuesday - 8.2km to be exact! In the evening I attended the Training Excellence Awards at Parliament House - an amazing night. In fact I didn't arrive home until 3.30am so not much sleep for me! Friday at work it was difficult to stay awake - no training today for obvious reasons!

Saturday - Rain, sunshine and more rain!
Activity: Run
Location: From home to and round Lake G
Distance: 13.6km
Time: 77:30 (1hour 17mins 30secs)
Comments: Left home about 2.20pm and ran down to Black Pepper to meet Mr B and The Hare and continued right round lake. The weather was overcast but it started pouring as we started off round the lake continuing off and on throughout our run - sun, rain, sun, rain all the way - quite bizarre. Saw a number of Vet race walkers on the way and indeed a number of runners too. It's good to know we weren't the only crazy ones. It was actually a really good run and 4 minutes faster than the same run last week. I was doing my best to keep up with Mr B and The Hare but couldn't quite catch them. However it was still pleasant, the lake was calm and there were ducks (even a white one) and birds out enjoying the rain. Later we had a coffee in the Mall as Black Pepper was closed. Tonight there was thunder and lightning out there so I'm glad we fitted in a run before the real storm! I'm hoping it's good weather in Sydney for all those competing in the marathon tomorrow. Here's hoping it's a great race for them. Best of luck to CJ and FlashDuck!


  1. It was a great morning for the MS Fun Run today. So many Vets, and lots of participants, all very relaxed and enjoying the occasion.

    Also a great charity (MS Society) that deserved the support they got.

    Over 320 completed the circuit of 6.5km around Lake Tuggeranong.

    We are now waiting for the news from Sydney.

  2. Had a text from CJ to say she ran the marathon in 3:41 - a PB - wow! Great time!

  3. 3:48 for Flashduck, another brilliant time!

    Thanks for your kind words Strewth, I hope to be there on Sunday cheering all you CRs in, and making the best of the day. :)

  4. I'm baaack! Feeling a bit stiff and very tired, but also very very chuffed! Talk about an accidental PB!!! I think they're the best sort! Now to this coming Sunday - 10km feels like a marathon at this stage in my recovery. Hopefully the massage tomorrow will iron out any (many!) sore spots.