Wednesday, January 07, 2009

15 Weeks to Canberra Marathon!

I have been continuing training as per my schedule but unfortunately we’re having heaps of trouble at home with our computer which keeps logging off. It will have to be rescued by our son as it’s driving me crazy! It doesn’t help that I can’t access the internet at work either as we have just packed everything up in boxes, including our computers, and will probably not be operational until Friday in our new office and even then we will be busy unpacking – no opportunity to blog there!!

Back to my training for the first week of the New Year.

Saturday 3 January
I parked my car at the War Memorial by 7.20am thinking I had plenty of time to join the group to run Mt Ainslie and beyond. After waiting 20mins I decided I had missed them somehow and set out on my own running down Anzac Pde and on to the lake and round the wetlands. I found out later that in fact the group starts at 7am not 7.30am as I had thought. Never mind, I’ll try again this coming weekend. I turned on my music and ran alone and was extremely pleased not to get lost as I have no sense of direction, as those who know me well, would definitely affirm. I managed to run East and Central Basins of the lake including Kingston and back past the carillon crossing over to Anzac Pde and back to the War Memorial. I avoided Mt Ainslie as I prefer to run that with company.
Total distance: 23km
Average pace per km: 6:09
Calories burned: 1350
Then I treated myself to a beautiful coffee all on my own at the Outpost Café.

Sunday 4 January
Just to make up the distance for the week I ran at 6.45pm hoping to avoid the intense heat of the day. It was still very hot but definitely not as hot as earlier in the day. I ran a very short run just to make my total for the week and was very happy to do so!
Total distance: 4:37
Time taken: 27:09
Average pace per km: 6:12 (slower than the 23km the day before!)
Calories burned: 258

Goal for week: 72km
Distance achieved for week: 75km! (Yay!)

Monday 5 January
6.15am - RPM at gym
After a disastrous working day I was held up in a meeting and didn’t leave the office until after 6pm which meant that I missed speedygeoff’s training at PH. Instead I ran from home at about 7.15pm and it was still 32deg and unpleasantly hot. I needed to run as my mood was dismal – nothing like a good run to clear the head!
Total distance: 10km
Time taken: 1:03
To top off a rotten day my Gandalf Garmin was not properly charged and I had to run without it. It’s amazing how often you look at an arm expecting to see the average speed pop up!!

Today - Wednesday 7 January
Early morning run when the temperature was manageable.
Total distance: 10.13km
Time taken: 1:02
Average pace per km: 6:12
I ran early today as Ewen wasn't able to run with me in the late afternoon. As the temps were 35deg by the afternoon and the wind is furious I was glad I had run when it was very pleasant. Today is my oldest daughter's birthday and we have a pleasant family evening planned, trying out the updated Belluci's Suburban restaurant tonight.
This week I have an easy week scheduled and my total distance for the week reduces. I have three weeks hard, one week easy in my current training plan.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the run yesterday morning. It wasn't cool enough for me until after 8pm!

    Also, congrats for not getting lost last Saturday. That's Awesome!