Monday, January 19, 2009

Woo hoo - anybody out there?

Rush, rush, rush arriving at PH with only seconds to spare only to discover the usual underground entry had been blocked off due to preparations for the Australia Day concert. I parked the car outside and ran round PH looking for my running companions, water bottle in hand. I couldn't find any way into the carpark past the barriers so I ran back to return my bottle to the car and saw two familiar figures about to disappear in the distance. I quickly stored my bottle and took after the others at speed. I didn't catch them until I was through the tunnel and running by the lake - "woooo hoooo" I called loudly and fortunately speedychief heard me. I caught them and could therefore run the rest of our 8km warm-up with them or just behind them, in parts. It was very hot and I positively gulped the water down at the fountain on our return trip back to PH for the start of the real session.
After meeting up with our training group we ran a warm-up loop of PH before running a similar session to last week - one trial loop followed by four 900m loops of 100m gentle/200m hard. The loop is undulating and the weather was hot and oh boy did I enjoy that bubbler! It was a good way to start the week!
Total distance: 16.6km


  1. Yes, I'm here :-)

    Nice additional speed work Strewth!

    I will be in Canberra this weekend but unfortunately I won't be able to catch up with you & CJ on this visit. Just staying on Sat night for the Oly tri on Sun & then heading home. I will definiately let you guys know ahead of my next visit; can't wait to catch up with you again!

  2. Speedychief knew you were chasing, but kept on running so you'd benefit from the extra speedwork.

    Don't forget to take it easy spinning tomorrow morning!

  3. i had to have a drink of water just reading this. my nighmares are like this. at least you found your peeps.