Thursday, January 01, 2009

Another Year Bites the Dust!

I can't believe it's 2009 already. Happy New Year to one and all! Although we have had warm sunny weather there has been a nasty wind following us about, especially when running!
Yesterday, I finished work early and met up with Ewen at Molonglo at 2.30pm to go for a run . It was a nice leisurely run battling the wind in parts (of course, doesn't the wind always blow when we run together)! We firstly ran the new path to the airport then ran clockwise round the East and Central Basin of Lake BG. There were a few tiny fluffy cygnets on the lake being protected by their parents and we also noticed some teenage cygnets with protective swans swimming closely by them. Perhaps they were causing their parents some grief on New Year's Eve!
During our run we passed someone eating a very tempting looking icecream which made us decide that we would head to Reconciliation Place after our run to enjoy very yummy gelato followed by an equally creamy and delicious coffee - a great discovery of a location! While we were sitting there idling the afternoon away two young runners came up excitedly recognising me from Rimini in Italy! They had been at the duathlon there and indeed Jodie had gone on to compete in the Hawaii Ironman soon afterwards. They moved to Canberra from Melbourne two days ago and are very keen to get into the running/triathlon scene here. Thus we exchanged numbers and will keep in touch after they move from their hotel to Bruce on Friday - very exciting that they remembered me - such a lovely couple.
Total distance: 16km
Time taken: 1:42:12
Average pace per km: 6:23
New Year's Day - Thursday
We saw 2009 in with CJ and Mr CJ quietly at our home with nibbles, chocolate, Baileys, wine and champagne - a pleasant evening indeed. CJ and I also decided, as we both had 10km scheduled, that we should run it together today.
Mr B dropped me off about 3km from our meeting place to give me a little extra distance and the three of us ran gently round Lake G battling a nasty persistent strong wind. It was another sunny hot day but that wind is really strong and annoying. It's ages since CJ and I have run together and it was such fun being able to chat all the way and not worry about the pace. We couldn't run much faster anyway as the wind was a head-on battle.
Total distance: 10.4km
Average pace per km: 6:23
This pace appears to be consistent - consistently slow!


  1. Help! I need to find another word instead of "consistent" that doesn't mean "slow" and which sounds good!. I stopped using "has potential" a while back when people saw through it. Now I think "consistent" is almost past its use by date.

    Have a HAPPY 2009, Strewth and all your readers.

  2. Happy New Year. hope to catch up with you at some race or other during 2009.

  3. You were missed at PH yesterday. Spody even waited until 4.31 before leaving!

    Isn't it great how all this hill training CJ's doing is making her a 6 to 6:30 per km runner :)