Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day!

This morning Marg and I joined speedychief and some speedygeese at the zoo at 8am to run a supposedly gentle loop around that end of the lake. It was quite pleasant at that time of the day although felt pretty warm towards the end. The main group set a steady pace and I dropped to the back of the pack fairly quickly. However I did keep the group in sight until I decided to turn back to join Marg briefly and ensure all was well before chasing after the others again. I ran the last couple of kms with Al and caught up with lots of family news after many years. Ewen arrived about 3mins after we left from the start and he had to run a brisk catch-up and caught us at the first drink/nature stop at the yacht club.
After the run Marg, Cathy M, Graeme, Ewen and I spent a very pleasant hour at the cafe at Reconciliation Place enjoying good coffee or milkshake or gelato or more than one of the above. We had a prime view of the lake happenings and ducked as two fighter jets suddenly roared low overhead and soon after that we watched and heard canons being fired on the opposite side of the lake. We were also joined briefly by a gentleman on his bicycle decked with Aust flags and a carpet lined basket carrying two very cute little dogs complete with helmets having a "birds eye" view and the time of their lives. It was a great location - a lovely break by the lake in excellent company.
Total distance: 16km
Average pace per km for 14km: 6:05
A bit unsure of the total time taken as I forgot to turn on gandalf after one of the drink stations and lost about 2km before I realised - rats!
Later in the afternoon Mr B and I returned to Rec Place for a pleasant little walk, another round of refreshments and some people watching - very civilized - although by then the wind had picked up and it was very breezy.

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  1. It was excellent company afterwards. Not the run though, as that was like a race!

    Very civilised. No facilities like that after mountain runs ;)