Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hill Repeats

Today's session included hill repeats. The temps reached 37deg today but I left home at 6.30pm when it had cooled very slightly although it still felt very hot at that stage. I ran for 15mins then ran 3 x 1min hill repeats jogging back to the start followed by 3 x 2min hill repeats. How can two minutes last so long? It was hard hot work. I followed this with about a 20min recovery run.
Total distance: 9.55km
I just could not manage that extra 500 metres to make it to 10km. However, I'm still ahead of schedule so don't feel too guilty! I should have run an hour later when the temperatures had dropped to a far more pleasant level. In fact the next few days should be much cooler in the mid 20s. Tomorrow is my scheduled rest day so I will go to Body Balance at the gym in the morning which includes some much needed stretching.
Footnote: After some very helpful advice I bought and tried a gel toe protector tonight for my rubbing toes. Yay, it solved that issue and now I've cut one to cover another toe which has developed a blister. Thank you softshoeshuffle. You are a legend!

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