Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Battling the Rising Temperature!

With temperatures of 35-38deg running has been tough this week!

6.15am - RPM at gym

4.30pm - Early warm-up at PH with speedychief and Ewen -8km
5.30pm - Training with speedygeese
Warm up loop of PH and a test run of 900m loop followed by main session as follows:
4 x 900m made up of 100m easy/200m hard
Cool down (nothing cool about it) back to PH

Total distance for day: 16.3km

7pm - Run from home - temperature still over 30deg.
Total distance: 8km
Time taken: 49mins

The best part of this hot run was when I ran past a house in a little cul-de-sac and noticed a man watering his shrubs. "Can I be a tree?" I called out and he obligingly turned the hose on me for a quick spray and it was fantastic - not sure if it was quite legal with water restrictions but I wasn't complaining!

I drove to Molonglo Reach and met Ewen there just before 7pm The temperature in my car said 39deg - still very hot outside. We ran out past the wetlands and round the East, Central Basin of the lake., It still felt really hot even when the sun was dim. The lake actually looked inviting! We saw tiny fluffy cygnets with their mum on the lake and dozens, yes dozens, of bunnies near Molonglo on the return trip. I'm having trouble with two of my toes rubbing against each other and was in a bit of pain throughout the run but we made it and good company always makes it easier.

Total distance: 14km
Time taken: 1hr 30mins
Average pace per km: 6:28


  1. There is a solution to your toe problem - no not cutting them off! I have had trouble with mine and I found in the chemist gel sleeves that you can put over your toe or finger. They work a treat. A bit expensive but they are reuseable. They should be in the area where they keep the corn pads etc. Hope it helps.

  2. Oooh, now I can take a dog out next time I see you. Congrats on your new career choice. :)

  3. Strewth it's been hot this week!

    Your company is a pleasing refrain because you don't complain when in pain.

    There was other wildlife - what about the girls walking three-abreast ahead of us near Commonwealth Avenue Bridge? Thankfully our running pace wasn't much quicker then their walking pace.