Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Masters' Handicap for 2009!

This morning CJ and I headed out to Campbell Park for the first Masters' Handicap for 2009. The weather was positively cool with cloud cover, no wind and perfect conditions for running. It was really good not to be battling the wind or struggling in the heat. I went off in Group 21 after
CJ and I had run an easy 2km warm-up. CJ was in Group 33! I caught up with a few people which was great and I felt comfortable and enjoyed the run. It was hilly on the way out and the last hill before the turn-around was tough but I didn't walk once and felt fairly strong most of the way - lots of lovely downhills! I finished in 38th place in the 'long course' field of 107. CJ and I ran a warm down run of 2km making the total for the day 10km.
Total distance of race: 6km
Time taken: 33:53
Average pace per km: 5:39
Place: 38th (out of 107)
Total distance including warm up and down: 10km

After the race CJ and I whizzed off to watch the last few finishers in the Olympic triathlon at the lake. We saw quite a few people we know and I caught up with a few people Mr B and I had met in Rimini last year, which was exciting. Caroline competed and did a pb for that course but when they called out the age group winners, due to some computer error, they didn't go above W60 and as she is in the W65 group her name was not called and she missed out on a medal - most disappointing, especially when she did so well.

In the early afternoon the sun came out and the temperature rose. It was hot again. We were so very lucky to have such ideal conditions for our first handicap of the year.
Goal for week: 82km
Achieved for week: 83km - woo hoo!

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