Sunday, January 18, 2009

Building up the Distance!

I decided against running at Mt Ainslie yesterday as we drove our daughter through to Sydney where both girls have now moved to this weekend. Instead I ran from home past the AIS incorporating a few trails there and running on to Lake BG, past the ferry terminal and on towards Molonglo Reach then back home via Lyneham. There was a bit of a head wind towards Molonglo but the temperature was much more pleasant than it has been of late, not as hot, making it more comfortable to run although my time was still very slow. I was very happy to squeeze in the distance before a very busy exhausting weekend and trouble with removalists!
Total distance: 30.33km
Time taken: 3hrs 12mins
Average pace: 6:22
Admittedly I did receive a call on my mobile and forgot to stop my garmin so it may have been marginally faster than that.
Goal for week: 76km
Achieved: 78km

1 comment:

  1. OK, that's it! If you don't run at least 6:20 per k on Wednesday, you're fired ;)

    And I won't be running ahead - just so you don't kick me in the backside.