Friday, January 23, 2009

Running with the Kangaroos!

6.15am - RPM
7am - Abs
5.20pm - Run with Ewen
Met Ewen at Rydges where we crossed the bridge to the ferry terminal and ran out past Molonglo Reach and a little way along the new track towards the airport. I didn't want Ewen to fire me as his running partner so I put on a bit of a burst of speed and we covered the distance a lot quicker than last week. It was hot, windy and hard work but the company helped considerably. After 14km we reached Ewen's car and I ran the last couple of km gently to make up the required distance.
Total distance: 16km
Average pace per km for 14km: 6:06
Calories burned: 850

As I had fartlek on hills scheduled I decided against running at track. This was just as well as a most impressive storm hit in the early evening and the hour run at track was called to a halt after 40mins.
I ran a 15mins warm-up then headed for the hilly trails on North Lyneham ridge. My run went as follows:
2 x 60sec hard/60sec float
4 x 30sec hard/30sec float
2 x 60sec hard/60sec float
4 x 30sec hard/30 sec float
2 x 60sec hard/60sec float
Warm down.
Total distance: 10km
During the course of the run I was running with kangaroos beside me, I just couldn't keep up with their agile speed. During the warm-down I found a better trail than the first part of my run which was a bit steep and rough. I will head there for more hills in the weekend. My timing was perfect as I made it home just before the heavens opened!


  1. Fartlek on hills, OMG, what are you doing. Should see then on Sunday at handicap and Monday on Mt Tennent. Told you running hills will make you stronger.

  2. We were faster than the bunnies near Kings Ave Bridge! Not sure such a quick run did me much good - I struggled out at Stromlo this morning. And guess what? Kangaroos were nibbling on the lovely grass when I arrived!