Saturday, January 10, 2009

Track, Hills and Trails - What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

Track on Thursday
I didn't manage to make it to track in time for the 3000m and therefore decided to run the 1500m race instead. The track races tonight included ACT Athletics as well as ACT Masters so ages, sizes and abilities were very varied! There were only three grades at the start - the elite, the very very fast and the very fast. I lined up at the start in C Grade wondering why I was out there making an idiot of myself. However, I guess I'm there to make everyone else feel good. The temperature had dropped but the wind had picked up so that we started with the wind behind us but faced a head wind in the opposite direction. It was challenging but I wasn't quite last. I don't yet know my official time but it was about 7:35 which is considered very slow by anybody's standards but I just did the best I could.
I warmed up for a few laps after the race as I didn't have a chance beforehand. I cheered on the 400m runners with awed respect then entered the 4 lap spiral which is something I always enjoy. I had a handicap of 30 so was one of the first runners to start and came in 9th place. I followed this with more gentle running for a warm down. It was good to welcome Jodie and Lance, our new arrivals from Melbourne, for their first time but the temperature dropped considerably during the course of the evening and we were really cold by the time we left for our homeward trip.
Total distance: 7km

Saturday Long Run
This morning I timed it correctly and met the War Memorial group at 7am to tackle Mt Ainslie and beyond. It was a small select number of competent hill/track runners and with a bit of trepidation I ventured to join them. Fortunately for me Kelley was there and although she is normally a fast and competent hill runner she kept me company and ran at my pace. This was so good as the others sped ahead and sometimes we lost sight of them and I'm sure if Kelley hadn't been beside me I would still be out there in the hills trying to find my way home! We had a lovely companionable chat on the way or at least I chatted during the times that I could breathe! Conditions were ideal and it was good to be back on the trails but oh boy I noticed those undulations!
We started at the picnic area at the base of Mt Ainslie and ran/walked all the way to the top, drew breath and then ran an extra loop before running out to the highway. We ran parts of the Bush Capital marathon and covered lots of hilly trails. It was a lovely area and when I am fitter (hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later) I know I will benefit from these hard, hilly trails. It's certainly easier on the limbs than running on the cycle paths. The company was great and we all met up at the picnic area afterwards for a drink and chat. Twofruits arrived with some of his SFT training group having run 25km but then they continued on for another 16km - phew! My total distance was only 20km but it felt like hard work and it took 2hrs 21mins which is the same time as I took last week to run 23km on the flat!
Total distance: 20km
Time taken: 2:21
Calories burned: 1116
Tomorrow I will spectate at the sprint triathlon where I know heaps of people taking part, including Mr B.


  1. 7:36.33. I will post all the details tomorrow.

  2. Congrats on your 1500m PB! It takes a few of those to get the hang of them - I've been practising for over 20 years and still haven't run the perfect one.

    You'll improve quickly. Sub-7 would be a great goal :)

    We missed you this morning - the coffee and cakes were perfect.

  3. you cranberrians are so organised. it's like you're in high school with regular meets.

    anyone sucking face under the bleachers?