Saturday, January 24, 2009

Whistle down the Wind!

I should have known it was a bad omen when 3.5km into my run my ipod stopped dead and I had to run the rest of the way without music. Obviously I hadn't charged it properly. All I could hear was the sound of breathing, strong winds and faint bird songs.
When the alarm went off this morning I pressed the snooze button three times before reluctantly crawling out of bed. After all this procrastination I didn't actually start running until 8.45am - rather later than planned. The wind was already blowing and I headed out from home towards Lake BG which was probably a mistake on hindsight as the wind was worse there. I hoped the wind would die down before the triathlon events later in the afternoon. Running beside the lake the choppy waves splashed me and it felt good. I found my thirst was unquenchable and stopped at every available bubbler in spite of carrying water with me. I battled the wind in both directions but on my return journey past the boathouse I could hardly move one foot in front of the other as the wind was so strong. In fact it blew my cap off and I just managed to rescue it before it before it fell in the lake - no way would I have jumped in after it! Thus it was that although there were few hills I felt just like I was climbing them as I battled the wind.
It took me longer than last week's long run even though the first half was quicker. Later, While Mr B was officiating at the triathlons, I spent a lovely afternoon with CJ. We headed off to buy new shoes at The Runners' Shop - maybe that will cure the blister problem. After a few more purchases we enjoyed a relaxing coffee and caught up with our news.
Total distance: 30km
Time taken: 3:13:55
Average pace per km: 6:27
Calories burned: 1770


  1. Noooo, the death of the Ipod is a real tragedy! Very good job on the long run.

  2. I can sympathise - it was hard running up the hill into the wind out at Stromlo too!