Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hilly Trails win over Track in the heatwave

It was far too hot for me to run at track tonight. Instead I waited until a more reasonable hour and set off for the North Lyneham Ridge hills. I found a nice off-road hill and after a 15min warm-up I ran 10 x 1min hill repeats. Even well after 7pm it was still very hot and a bit of a struggle. After the hill repeats I continued round the 3km undulating hill where the speedygeese used to train some years ago. It was a bit dusty but I enjoyed the hilly trails and was pleased to stay on the right track and not become lost on the little off-shoot trails. I finished with a gentle warm-down run and arrived home dripping like a wet rag. Boy, did I enjoy the cool shower afterwards!
Total distance: 10km


  1. Some women wanted you for a potential record-breaking 4 x 1500m relay team!

    It was beautiful for the GM 3000m at 8pm :)

  2. Yeah but there were four W55s there. One of them refused to run because her husband didn't want her to. Miranda, what sort of excuse is that????? So no reason at all for Strewth to be there.
    Plenty more hot weather to come, you will acclimatise in no time. See you at 4:30 Monday!