Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another PB by a very narrow margin!

This afternoon I ran with Teddy for 3.8km as a warm up for the track session. It was very humid out there and even after such a short run I was dripping wet. Off to track at 7pm for another warm up with speedygeoff, Ewen and Yelena before the start of our race at 8pm. The rain held off and we had lots of cloud cover and a little wind for the event.
Yelena ran past me about 100m before the finish line but our times were very close. It was very humid and my back was troubling me for some unexplained reason. However I managed to beat my PB - JUST - in fact by less than a second! Phew!!
Time taken for 3000m: 14:53.21 (last week 14:54)!
Total distance for day including warm up and cool down: 11km


  1. Could 39 seconds be a slight exaggeration?

  2. Oops - thanks speedygeoff. I think I mean 0.79 seconds or how about 8/10th of a second - lol!

  3. Well done Ruth. You are getting faster and faster! Top work.

  4. 39 seconds? The 14-minute barrier beckons. Another 'typo'... It should be 14:53.21 (a point between 53 and 21). 14:53:21 is 14 hours 53 minutes 21 seconds. Are you running the CP100?

  5. Good grief - it's so difficult making the time correct to the last decimal point. Thanks Ewen - now fixed! :)