Sunday, January 30, 2011

The temperatures are soaring!

Today Mr B and I headed for Campbell Park to run in the Vets' Monthly Handicap race. My handicap group was 26 and Mr B's was 31. The sun hadn't reached its peak at that time and it wasn't too too hot. It has since risen to 35deg and we expect soaring temperatures over the next few days with temperatures from 31-38 celsius all week!
The track this morning was rough underfoot and dry. It was also steep on the outward course which meant there were some nice downhills on the return. I found it tough but I didn't walk at all although my speed on those hills was probably more of a "granny" shuffle than a run.
Total distance: 6km (plus 600m warm-up - hmmm)!
Time taken: 35:28
Average pace per km: 5:55
Handicap group: 26
Finish place: 88th (115 finishers)
Calories burned: 344
Maybe I'll be re-handicapped next month!

I always enjoy catching up with lots of running friends on those runs. Later we joined a large group of running friends at the War Memorial Cafe. The intention was to have coffee at Campbell shops but they were closed this morning. Instead we met up with Heidi, Janene, Maria, Peter, Rachelle, Bruce, Carol, Roger, Jen, CJ, Ewen and Michelle and Katherine and their gorgeous little childen. It was lots of fun.
Yesterday I ran my easy week "long" run with Ewen and Andy. We ran down to the lake along Anzac Parade and towards the ferry terminal where we met up with speedygeoff and his Metro running group heading in the opposite direction. We turned and ran with them for the remainder of their 8km then speedygeoff joined us for the rest of our run. Ewen and Andy stopped at 20km to walk the other km but sg ran with me back to the carpark before meeting up with Steve, Michael and Robbie and heading for the hills!
Ewen, Andy and I then headed for the cafe where we met up with Liz, Jen and CJ for cold water, coffee and a tasty morsel!
Total distance: 21km
Time taken: 2:21
Average pace per km: 6:41
total distance for easy week: 65km
Next week I increase the distance again for three weeks. There are ten weeks until the Canberra marathon!


  1. Finally you can run a handicap in peace, not wondering where I am.
    How can I have a last coffee with you when no one tells me where you are going to partake ? I hope you didn't talk about me ?
    Doesn't matter. We will start afresh next year.

  2. I talked about you Steve. I asked Strewth if she invited you to coffee and she said you'd rather soak your legs in the lake ;)

    Yes, here's hoping you get rehandicapped back to group 30 and I go forward to group 18.

    And what's with the quotation marks around "long"? 20k IS a long run!