Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday Fun Day??

Hmm, I lack original ideas for post titles. However, it really was a fun day as it happened. It was a very early start as Mr B took part in the sprint distance triathlon down at the lake and I enjoyed being a spectator, especially as I caught up with Charlie who was being a spectator too! Mr B went really well as, in spite of a no-wetsuit swim, he still managed to beat his nemesis, Bob, by two minutes overall which meant he won his age group - yay!
Later in the day I ran a short 3km with Teddy but it was very hot and not a quick pace. I had to run him down to the drain so he could run in the water and let him off the lead on the oval where we raced round and round. It was so hot but fun. Next I headed off to Regatta Point at the lake to meet up with Ewen for another run. We tried to keep to the shady parts on a track down to the Museum and were hissed at by some protective mother swans. We gave them a wide berth and enjoyed our little run in spite of the heat and appreciated a cold bottle of coke afterwards.
Total distance: 9km
Time taken: 58:58
Average pace per km: 6:31
It's difficult to maintain any speed in the heat unfortunately.
Total distance for day: 12km
Total distance for week: 89km
Next I hurried home to shower as we were meeting friends for a wonderful dinner and a great evening - yes, a fun day.

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  1. Geez, you only got that one published in the nick of time ;) Now you have to match CJ post for post!