Sunday, January 16, 2011

Building up the kilometres!

This morning I met up with Ewen at Parliament House for a short run at 8.30am. It was already over 22deg at that time of day and I started the run feeling stiff and sore after yesterday. The sky was bright blue and we only counted two white fluffy clouds in the distance - a stunner of a morning. We tried to keep in as much shade as possible running to Yarralumla Bay and slightly beyond turning at the 4km mark. There were quite a few people out there we recognised, friends running and friends cycling. We also chatted to a man who is training for our marathon and I told him about the speedygeese. Maybe we'll have a new recruit.

It was a gentle run and I think it helped to loosen up some of the sore spots. After the run we left our cars at PH and walked back down to the lake (1.3km each way) to sit outside in a shady spot to enjoy coffee and raisin toast - a lovely morning.

Total distance of run: 8km
Time taken: 52:12
Average pace per km: 6:31
Total distance for week: 93km


  1. Same horrible humid day here, Strewth except your seems to always finish with asocial coffee etc. I'm quire jealous!

  2. Good coffee and good raisin toast! We'll see if Andrew turns up this arvo.

  3. A run, one toast and a coffee: the best way to start a good day.