Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's Resolution Number One .......

....To keep my blog updated!

On that note, Happy New Year to anyone out there who hasn't given up on me. Here's to a fantastic injury-free, healthy and happy 2011.

Some highlights for 2010 have been:

  • Running my 100th Veteran's Handicap run
  • Winning the first place trophy in the Adler Spiral Handicap series at the track
  • Being support crew with Ewen for Liz at the 100km Tan in Melbourne
  • Running in my 9th Canberra Marathon
  • Changing age group and celebrating Mr B and my 60th birthdays with a trip to Bali
  • Becoming a proud mother to Teddy, my labradoodle
  • Being interviewed and appearing in the Canberra Times with speedycoach and Roger
  • Having fun at the Gold Coast with lots of speedygeese entering in lots of races
  • Winning a medal in my age group in the Vets' Half Marathon
  • Completing a 12-week Total Body Transformation program with Michelle Bridges (from Biggest Loser) on-line and meeting her in person at the culmination of the program in Sydney
I'm quite sure there are heaps of other golden moments which I can't currently recall but all in all 2010 was a fun year and I'm hoping 2011 will be even better and maybe I might be able to run a little faster! Hopefully my hamstring won't give me too much grief.

Total kilometres run in 2010: 2,651
It's been so long since I last blogged that I won't bore everyone (including myself) with all the details of the last few weeks. Suffice to say I have been running, going to the gym regularly, cycling a little and swimming about once a week. I now need to 'up the ante' as the YCRC (YMCA Canberra Running Club) will now be conducting the marathon in April and more training is required. As this will be my 10th marathon in Canberra I have my fingers crossed that Griffin status (ie acknowledgment of ten Canberra marathons) will still apply.

Temperatures in Canberra have risen excessively in the past few days. Summer seems to have finally arrived and this means running earlier or later in the day to avoid the heat. We have had heaps of rain this season and the grass is green and growing rapidly.

On New Year's Day (when I started this entry) I swam 1.1km at the pool instead of venturing out into the 37deg heat after rather a late night on New Year's Eve! Instead I ran my first run of the year today (Sunday) with Andy at 7.30am from the War Memorial. We ran down to the lake and round the East Basin, through Kingston and back to the lake, down to the yacht club and on to Yarralumla Bay where we turned and ran back to the carillon before returning to the War Memorial to loiter over coffee.
Total distance: 22km
Time taken: 2hrs 25mins
Average pace per km: 6:38

Yes, this pace needs work but it was decidedly humid out there this morning and we may have to start our long runs earlier to avoid the heat of the day at this time of the year.

Photo shows some of us having fun at Maria's Heroes and Villians Party on New Year's Eve.
From left: Kerry (Cruella), Drew (Phantom), strewth (Batgirl), Kelly (Supergirl), Mick (Dracula) and Andy (Gunslinger)


  1. A great running year but you are batgirl so it is normal! Anyway last summer I put 2 bat-boxes under my you are always welcome.
    Happy 2011 to you and family.

  2. I'd given up on you three weeks ago!

    You all look good, but Andy's the winner. I would have gone for something like that - have a good cowboy photo from when I was 5 years old ;)

    P.S. We're not going to let you run hills until the pace is down to 6:15 per k.