Friday, January 07, 2011

Resolution Number Five - Declutter!

I'm not totally sure that "declutter" is a real word but that's what has to happen around me. I have this immense accumulation of paperwork, unworn clothes and things to be done! Today, one day after the twelfth day of Christmas, I took down the tree, the decorations and the cards. It always feels a bit sad - that after-Christmas clean-up and I still need to vacuum all those bits of tree and tinsel that somehow are always left behind when the tree comes down!
This morning I swam 1200m before meeting Marg for a coffee to toast our daughters' birthdays which both happen to be today.
Later, a long walk with Teddy helped to work off some of the nibbling I had been doing during the day trying to "declutter" my refrigerator!!

Fridays are my non-running day in preparation for the long run in the morning.

Photo is of my two girls who live in Sydney - birthday girl on the right.

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  1. Happy birthday to your birthday girl. I can see they've inherited your beauty.