Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wet Wednesday

7am - Off to the gym for another upper body strength session. I started with a warm-up for 10mins on the cross trainer. Next I spent 50mins on the machines working on the shoulders, back, chest, triceps, biceps etc followed by a circuit of abs training and finishing with 1000m on the rower as fast as possible which currently is 5mins 31secs. My goal is to get this down to under 5mins eventually! It's quite hard to do at the end of a tough session. After the session I spent about 10mins stretching and when I headed home it was pouring with rain.

1.30pm - It continued to rain on and off most of the day. When it eased off a little I put on some running clothes and a spray jacket and took Teddy out for a run in a light drizzle. However, about 10mins into the run it began to rain heavily and we headed to a friend in Lyneham just over 3km away where I stopped for a cup of tea and Teddy had a big drink of water as we watched the rain through the window and towel dried. When the rain eased off we headed back home stopping briefly to chat to Maria through her car window when she spotted us. A hot shower was definitely required on my return. Teddy is starting to get the hang of this running. The break in the middle probably helped.
Total distance: 6.5km

Later I headed off to Parliament House to meet up with Chris, Ewen and Andy for our usual Wednesday run. It had stopped raining and the sun shone bravely and intensely for a short time before cloud cover caused intense humidity instead. In fact on our return the boys were wringing out their singlets making puddles on the concrete - eeeew! We ran our usual run over King's Avenue, to the War Memorial, Constitution Avenue and Commonwealth bridge with a little extra distance round the back of the War Memorial. We did spot some large hares running very fast near Commonwealth Park. I wish I could run that fast.
Total distance: 11.5km
Time taken: 1hr 14mins
Average pace per km: 6:26

Total distance for day: 18km

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  1. I'm going to have to start doing secret warm-ups before our runs ;)

    Yes, Chris and Andy are terrible sweaters.