Saturday, January 08, 2011

Just One More New Year's Resolution for 2011.....

Stress less!
This year I resolve to start preparing for Christmas early. I always leave everything until the last minute and then my stress levels rise as I try to do my Christmas baking, write my annual newsletter (or poem) and shop til I drop. I try every year to be organised but 2011 is the year I will plan to achieve this and avoid last minute panic. Hmmm, we shall see!

This morning I met up with Ewen and Andy at the War Memorial where we spotted lots of speedygeese heading off for the Mt Ainslie hills. Our plan is to pick up the distance and endurance before we start on the hilly trails. We still have hill training on Mondays in the meantime.

We ran down to the lake, turned right and ran right round West Basin and over Kings Avenue Bridge. Andy lost us after 12km as he took off as a speck in the distance. He was running well, we were running slow. Having said that we felt comfortable and I certainly felt better than last week, possibly because we had cloud cover all the way. I just need to 'up' that speed! However the company was good and of course the coffee and chat later, when we next met up with Andy, was great fun. During our run we spotted speedygeoff running in the opposite direction with two lovely young ladies. We also spotted a family of ducklings which were still fluffy although they were not tiny newborns anymore.
Total distance: 24km
Time taken: 2:39:13
Average pace per km: 6:38 (which is exactly the same pace as last week)
Calories burned: 1408

Photo taken with Ewen and Andy on a trail walk at the Gold Coast in 2010.


  1. Last night speedyJenny and I went out to celebrate our first night alone without family visitors since Christmas and took with us a very nice bottle of Annie's Lane Clare Valley 2005 Shiraz, which had been a Christmas gift from Strewth. I must say it was the best Shiraz I have ever tasted. Thanks Strewthie!

  2. 24km? What a long run! It makes me feel like I'll never run that distance again! Well done!

  3. Strewth has good taste. She's providing a bottle of Bollinger Monday to celebrate her brilliant sub-15 PB!

  4. Ewen - I'll have to run a lot faster than that to warrant a Bollie! Speedygeoff - you are most welcome. I'm so glad you had a lovely evening out with the lovely Jenny and enjoyed the wine.

  5. Late congrats for your pb on the 3000 mt. few days before a great 24 km workout.
    And ...... I am glad you are back in Blogland with many posts.