Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday's Long Run Done!

This morning I started my long run from the War Memorial on my own (with my music) just after 7am in order to have a few extra kms in the bank. I ran down to the lake where I saw some of the half marathon in progress. I ran in and out of some of the little side tracks and then back to join the boys for a longer run with good company.
We ran a little loop on the Mt Ainslie trails, across the Duntroon golf course and past Molonglo Reach round the West Basin of the lake including the wetlands and back over Commonwealth Bridge. Ewen turned back soon after this while Andy and I continued on past the yacht club where we spotted Jen out doing a 20km walk (very impressive at 7months pregnant). We turned just after Yarralumla Bay and returned to the War Memorial. Here we freshened up and headed for the cafe to meet up with Ewen, Liz, CJ and Steve - a great catch-up and good coffee!Jen arrived later after completing her very long walk. I had a very bruised toe but managed my run ok by keeping it strapped to the next one and well protected. It's a bit sore now though!
Total distance: 30km
Time taken: 3:21:27
Average pace per km: 6:42
Calories burned: 1741
Later in the day I headed off to watch Mr B take part in his first bike criterium race (about 25km at a VERY fast pace). It looked utterly exhausting!


  1. "West Basin of the lake including the wetlands" should be East Basin. Sorry to be a pedant. Also, is the space bar on your netbook broken?

  2. 30km was a good run yesterday Ruth. Hopefully we will both become Griffins this year.

  3. You really did a great 30km long run. Strewth!

    I have read about that part of Australia which were completely underwater, with residents making their way to evacuation.
    I hope that your town is okay!

  4. 30 km!!!! A big distance. You are my super-hero. I followed the flood situation, my thoughts are with your Country.