Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Gentle Lake Run and Swim

This morning I met my Tuesday group friend Marilyn at Black Mountain Peninsula at 8am to run round the West Basin of the lake with her before it became too hot. I also had babysitting duties at home so was unable to stay for cake and champagne afterwards. Our run was very social and pleasant and deifnitely gentle. However although the temperature was only in the early 20s at that stage it still felt very humid and we stopped at every single drinking fountain. We were both dripping by the time we had run the lake. It was just that sort of day. We saw a few of our fellow Tuesday groupers and cyclists during the run, obviously with the same idea of avoiding the intense heat of the day.
Total distance: 16km
Time taken: 1:52:34
Average pace per km: 7:02
Calories burned: 909
It felt quite hard after last night's speedygeese session but we were both happy to run slowly this morning. 
Later we took the grandchildren to the pool where they had lots of fun on the waterslide and Mr B and I alternated in swimming while the other supervised.
Total distance swiim: 1km


  1. "deifnitely gentle" - I think you might mean defiantly gentle as Monday night was definitely hard ;-) And swiim means there were two people in your lane?

    1. Oh dear I think I need glasses! Seeing double after my swim obviously! Thanks for the spellcheck lol!!