Friday, January 18, 2013

Track running to keep me honest

First thing in the morning I took Teddy for a brisk 5km walk to start the day before driving him to the groomers which had moved location and is no longer in walking distance. He looks and smells such a lovely clean dog now although that won't last long when there's so much world to explore!

In the early evening I headed for AIS track. I didn't compete in the 3000m at 6.15pm as it was still 34deg and the sun was burning down on the exposed track. Instead after a short warm up jog I took part in the handicapped 3000m walk. I am a fitness walker and wear a yellow number to distinguish me from the race walkers who are judged to ensure they have the correct style and don't lift their feet etc. I find fast walking hard and hot and it takes a long time to cover 3000m. However, I did end up crossing the finish line first of the fitness walkers, probably due to my handicap but I caught up and passed the people who had started ahead of me, just! It took me 21mins 54secs to walk.

I just had time for a quick drink before the next event, the 1500m run and as I had definitely warmed up Sheryl and I lined up at the start with all the fast runners. I'm not sure I would have done it if Sheryl hadn't been there but as it was I quite enjoyed it. It's over quickly and we ran neck and neck most of the way. I just managed to finish before her by a few seconds. My time was 7:59:59 so there's a huge scope for improvement - maybe when the weather's cooler!

There wasn't a lot of time before the last event of the night which started 5mns earlier than planned but I did manage to run around the outside of the track for another 1.5km before we were called to start the Spiral Handicap race. As I have missed a few of these and have been given a very tough handicap I am not in contention for the points score. I started from Group 25 (Sheryl for example started in Group 18 and is very similar speed to me) and finished near the back of the runners. It was just a 4 lap spiral tonight, which works out to be 1800m according to the results in the supper room later. The times are not yet up but it was about 9mins.

My total distance for the night was about 8.6km including warm ups which isn't quite as much as I would have liked but it was tough!  I ate like a horse later, not helped by the fact that there were Lindt chocolates put out at supper - my favourites!!

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  1. Bugger. I should have come for the supper!

    P.S. I'm running with Andy & Geoff 8am tomorrow, so perhaps coffee after. The CC trial is on Sunday at Stromlo.