Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Lovely Day for a Run and Fun in the Sun!

I had a lovely day today. I met my Tuesday group friend Marilyn at Black Mountain Peninsula at 8am to run early avoiding the heat later. It was a lovely chatty run. We ran out past the ferry terminal and on to the carillon for just over 6km when we turned and ran back again with non-stop talking. It was a pleasant time of day, not hot but just a lovely temperature.
Total distance: 13km
I drove home straight after our run after saying 'hi' to the Tuesday runners as they were running in the opposite direction on our return. Later in the morning I packed a picnic lunch and Mr B and I took Teddy and our grandchildren back to Black Mountain for a picnic. It was delightful there with two well-equipped play parks with shady covers and a great water hole where Teddy had such fun chasing sticks and playing with another little dog. Hopefully the children and Teddy will all sleep well tonight!
Tomorrow the temperature is due to soar back up to 34deg after a pleasant 29deg today. Looks like another early morning run coming up!

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  1. To fix your next big thing, I need a copy of your template. Go to blogger and copy all the template, paste into a text file and email to me and I'll have a look. Think I'll put NY Marathon, so what's the date?