Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Sizzling Summer

We have just returned from a fantastic weekend in Sydney. Mr B had a very good result in the sprint distance triathlon on Sunday. The conditions were great with the water calm and no wind. He finished 2nd in his age group and scored a very nice medal and was very happy as there were 11 competitors in his age group and last year there were only two! He also managed a PB by a few seconds which was very satisfying! 
In the afternoon we went to a surprise party for our daughter given by her fiance. Both our girls live in Sydney so we always love to catch up when we visit. Her macaron cake was amazing and it was a lovely day.

We stayed a couple of nights in Sydney so next morning before the heat set in I took off for a run with instructions from my youngest daughter with whom we were staying, to help prevent me becoming lost. I have no sense of direction so this would be no mean feat. However, I did manage to reach Centennial Park after running three times round the perimetre of the park opposite thinking I was already there. I also spotted the Sydney Swans taking off for a training run in my park so that was worth the mistake!

When I discovered the 'real' Centennial Park I ran round what I thought was the perimetre of that but I'm told it stretches much further than I thought. I did enjoy my run though and ended up running 14.3km instead of the 11km which was on the plan!
Later Mr B and I drove to the local beach and had a wonderful refreshing swim before heading to Watsons Bay for fish and chips at Doyles. I always love our Sydney visits:)

This morning I headed off for my run just before 8am but it was already hot and windy. In fact I struggled against a fierce head wind on the way out and it was certainly easier on the return. I managed to squeeze in 10km before heading home for grandma duties. On a 38deg day with extreme fire danger we spent most of the day inside although in the early evening I did take Teddy for his walk. Even at 6.30pm it still felt very hot and windy. Fortunately tomorrow there is a cool change, at least for one day, so we will make the most of this brief respite and perhaps take our grandchildren to a lovely outdoor pool in the afternoon.

Tomorrow I have another early morning run planned.

Mr B on the left of the podium as winner of the silver medal for his age group at the sprint triathlon.
Macaron birthday cake.


  1. That's a funny story about Centennial Park. Guess what? Andy & Jen got lost running around West Basin last Saturday!

  2. Looks like you are fully back into the swing of both marathon training and blogging. It also looks like I have some catching up to do if I'm going to keep up with you and Cathy on both counts :)