Monday, January 14, 2013

Mr B Wins Gold and I return to Speedygeese!

Nowra triathlon age group M60 results - Mr B wins gold!
Nowra triathlon start of swim leg
Showing off medals - Greg silver and Mr B gold! Yay!

On Saturday after taking Teddy for a 6km run and driving him over to his other family, we headed off to Huskisson where we had one night's accommodation in a motel, about a 30min drive to the triathlon at Nowra. The Olympic distance started very early but we were lucky to have a bit more sleep than usual as Mr B's sprint distance didn't start until nearly 10am! He was so lucky as the Olympic distance swimmers were not allowed to wear wetsuits and a number of them were badly stung by jellyfish. As a consequence the sprint distance swimmers were permitted to wear wetsuits which was a huge benefit of course.
Mr B had a really good swim in what is always his weakest leg as the tide helped him along. In fact his entire triathlon went well and he achieved a 5minute PB AND a gold medal! He was understandably very happy with his result. 
The temperature was quite cool and there was cloud cover. My only aggravation as a spectator was the number of  flies everywhere in Nowra. They were very pesky and persistent especially near the start.
It was a most successful event and this morning he was back doing his long cycle ride with his mates in Canberra.
This evening I returned to my first speedygeese session since May. I was pleasantly surprised that I knew most people with only a few new faces and it was lovely to see everyone again. The session wasn't so lovely however! After a warm up loop we headed for the hills where speedygeoff set us the task of running up a 100m hill 16 times on 90seconds. At the top each time the slowest person was put in a different group but eveyone still had to run all the hills. Of course I was the first person to be demoted to the "other" group. I am most definitely the slowest speedygoose and this wasn't helped by the fact that I haven't run hills since I was last at a speedygeese session! It was hard work and the only positive is that in spite of the pain and lack of speed I did run them all. Hill running should help my leg strength eventually!
It is good to be back with my training group though. Normal life and training is finally resuming. I have noticed that the soles of my feet are sore and I think this might be a sign that I need new shoes. Runners Shop - I think I am overdue for a visit!


  1. Sorry, still haven't fixed your next big thing :(

    Good to have you back. Think we'll have to limit the numbers - it was getting crowded on that hill!

    Congrats to Mr B - fast 5k split!

    1. It wasn't at all crowded on my part of the hill for a while there lol!!

  2. Congrats Mr B!!!

    Next Monday, you and Ewen need to msg me on Monday and say "come on Liz, are you coming to SpeedyGeese tonight?" Attending occasionally - or may be even more often - is one of my goals for 2013.

    1. Woo hoo Liz - that would be awesome. Now to remember the msg!! We must ensure you stick to your goals lol!