Friday, January 11, 2013

Building up the distance

This morning I managed to leave the house before 6.30am - yay! This required setting the alarm for 5am to ensure I had a little breakfast and enough time to digest it before running out the door complete with brand new yurbud earphones, recommended by CJ. What a difference music makes, especially when it has a good sound. What was even better the earphones did not move in my ears. I could not even feel them in there. It was fantastic.
At that time of the morning it was a pleasant 14deg and in fact by the time I returned three hours later (!) it had only reached 24deg. How lucky I was as later in the day it soared to 37deg and was intense! I do love being able to run early and avoiding the heat.
I ran from home to the cycle track in Lyneham and into the city, past the univsersity and down to Lake Burley Griffin. Here I turned left and ran the bridge to bridge run (Kings Avenue Bridge and Commonwealth Avenue Bridge). Once arriving at the ferry terminal I ran along the trail to and round the museum and then back to the ferry terminal and from there the remaining 8km home again. The last few kms were so difficult and I felt like stopping several times. I ate a guu and 4 jellybeans plus drank my two bottles of diluted gatorade and sipped water at every fountain on my way round the lake. Although the temperature was ok I still felt very dehydrated.
I was so pleased to stop when I reached home, make myself a banana protein shake and enjoy a wonderful shower. 
Total distance: 26km
Time taken: 3hours!
Later I drove into the city and met a girlfriend for lunch to celebrate her birthday tomorrow. I chose a prawn, cucumber, dukkah and bocconcini salad and it was absolutely delicious. We both had a home made lemonade before a great coffee. Golly gosh it was lovely!

Tomorrow, after a short run with Teddy and taking him to his second home, we are off to Huskisson for one night so that Mr B can take part in a triathon in Nowra at a very civilized hour for a change on Sunday morning.


  1. What a beautiful picture of Teddy :) Congrats on your long run!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Teddy looks like a lamb! Ah, 6:55 per k? Did you stop your Garmin at the toilet stops? How come so far? Isn't the marathon in November?

  3. You are doing brilliantly on distance, well done! I've done 2 long runs in 2 days here by the sea with a bracing breeze and all, but not your sort of distance yet! [Miranda]