Monday, January 28, 2013

New York! New York!

It was a cloudy overcast day today but the humidity was high. Even my walk with Teddy felt very humid. I enjoyed a lovely coffee in the late morning with good friend Cathy and discussed our forthcoming adventure for today we booked our flights for New York at the end of October in time for the marathon on 4 November. There's no going back now! It is very exciting.

I arrived at speedygeese this evening about 10 minutes early which allowed me just enough time to run a 1.6km loop of Parliament House before the start of the session.

We all ran another loop incorporating the inner trails before jogging to the start of our main session which was held near the tennis courts by the oval. We firstly ran a 600m very undulating loop to test the course and after that we ran the same 600m another 5 times each time on 6 minutes which gave enough time to jog inbetween until speedycoach blew the whistle to run fast again. On the last loop we started at the bottom of two hills just to add a bit more of a challenge in case we needed it!

It was a perfect evening for running. There was a gentle light rain for the entire session and it was really refreshing and pleasant after the humidity before the rain started. We warmed down with another 'in and out' loop around PH.
Total distance: 10km


  1. Yes, a very pleasant Monday. And I don't even have to thank you for the jelly beans ;-)

  2. That's so exciting that you and Cathy are all booked for New York, woo hoo! :-)