Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Short Mid-week Run

I started the day with a short run under cloud cover but it still felt very humid. I arrived home just in time to have a shower and be ready for the grandchildren as Mr B had left for his morning bike ride by then.  I just ran from home along the cycle path through Giralang and down through the tunnel and on the road towards Gungahlin turning at the 5km point and returning home.
Total distance: 10km
Calories burned: 555
Later in the day we took the children to Weston Park and they had a train ride and fun at the park. We were really seeking the Maze but apparently that closed six years ago. Oops, it's obviously been a while since we visited!
Weston Park


  1. Cute. I wonder if they were as disappointed at missing the maze as I was in not finding any spelling mistakes ;-)

  2. I think you should give Ewen a good thump!!

  3. The ghost writer has done well, no mistakes at all.