Tuesday, January 29, 2013

YMCA Canberra Runners Club Summer Series Starts

This evening, after a fun day with the grandchildren,  Mr B and I drove to Stromlo Forest Park for the first of the YCRC summer series. This is a 5km run in various spots around Canberra. The first and last one of the season is usually at Stromlo. Tonight the grass was spongy and felt quite good. I was expecting potholes and puddles but the surface was beautiful. I'm not used to running on grass but I found it surprisingly pleasant - pity I can't pick up speed. There was a bit of wind but we were lucky with the weather. It would have been good to have had some light rain but that occurred about an hour earlier and the sun was out again by the time we ran. Fortunately it wasn't too hot at 27deg as it's very exposed at Stromlo and can be quite unpleasant when it's too hot.

The course today was two 2.5km undulating loops. I arrived in time to run one of the loops for a warm up plus an extra 500m. After the event I ran a gently 1km cool down with Cathy.

Total distance for race: 5km
Time taken: 29:35
Average pace per km: 5:53
Calories burned: 291
Total distance including warm up and cool down: 9km

It was great to catch up with Janene, speedygeoff and Cathy and to see lots of other running friends out there. That's the best part of running events - the social interaction:)


  1. Come and do some downhill 1k intervals with us on Sundays and you'll pick up speed!

    1. In fact Sunday's session was designed specifically with Strewth in mind. Hope she finds us one week!