Sunday, January 20, 2013

Twelve Weeks to Canberra Marathon

I just gave myself a fright by checking and double checking the calendar and my training schedule and realising it is only 12 weeks until the Canberra Marathon. That seems to be creeping up so fast and I have so much improvement to make before then.

This morning (Saturday) I set my alarm for 4.45am and after a few hours sleep ate a couple of pieces of white toast, honey and a banana. I haven't had that brekkie since last year's training but it seemed to work as I only had one loo stop this morning which is very unusual for me!!

I ran out the door at 6.40am when the temperature was pleasantly cool. I used my new yurbud earphones which I love. The only problem I have now is that I need to download lots more music. Twenty songs over and over becomes a little repetitive after all that running!

I ran via Lyneham and the cycle track into the city, past the Uni and on to Lake Burley Griffin waving to Lucia running in the opposite direction on the way. By the time I reached the ferry terminal I had only run 8km. There I turned left and headed for the wetlands spotting the cutest little bunnies on the way. One seemed quite brave and I'm sure I could have taken a photo but I didn't want to linger so I just kept running past Molonglo Reach and through the wetlands to Kingston. I haven't run that way for a long time and there's so much concrete now. The little wooden bridge has been rebuilt in concrete and there is a concrete pathway all through the wetlands. It's great for cyclists but I think it has been spoilt a little for runners as the trails were so lovely. The surroundings are still very pretty though. 

When I reached Kingston I had a momentary panic as the road I wanted had been blocked off and I had no idea how to return to the lake. Just when I was starting to phone a friend, I spotted two familiar runners heading towards me (friends from triathlon days) and I ran with them until they turned off and I was once more on familiar territory. At that stage speedygeoff, Ewen and Andy went running past and I kept them vaguely in my sight as I continued my run round the lake and back to the ferry terminal. Speedygeoff ran back to meet me and ran the last few metres with me and we met the others near the ferry terminal. Here Andy ran a few kms with me as I continued on past the museum and on towards Black Mountain to gain more kms. He turned a couple of kms before me and I finished back at the ferry terminal when I had completed my required distance. Oh boy was I ready to stop! 

Total distance: 30km
Time taken: 3:23:58
Average pace per km: 6:48
Calories burned: 1756

Andy, Ewen and I next headed for Urban Foods for a coffee, a snack and a good catch up.

I'm slower even than last year but I guess that's because I had such a long break with illness inbetween runs. I may never pick up that speed again but I will persevere. The endurance seems to still be there and at this stage the main goal is to be able to finish the Canberra Marathon and then I may concentrate on speed before training again for the New York Marathon in November. I have to remember where I was a few months ago and think positive!

I had a craving for a spider (coke with icecream) so later at home that's exactly what I made myself. It was sooooo good! During the course of the evening I am quite certain I refueled my body with all the calories I had burned in my run! I will say that this long run felt a lot better than last week and that was probably related to the fact that the temperature was a lot more pleasant for running. I was so lucky that it cooled off for my long run as next week it's back up to the 30s again.


  1. Good on you Ruth. You are logging some good sized kms in your long runs already. You are w-a-y ahead of me. I'd better get cracking!

    Won't see you at SpeedyGeese tomorrow. I have the YCRC committee meeting @ 6pm. See you @ brekkie on Fri though :)

    1. The YCRC need to move their meetings away from SpeedyGeese training night!

  2. I agree Speedygeoff! Just when I was getting committed to incorporating SpeedyGeese into my 2013 training. Not happy ...

  3. How could I set my alarm for 4.45am ? :)
    Glad to hear your training schedule for the Canberra Marathon is going well and congrats on your 30 km run :) three months is enough time ... You have time and you can improve again. Great to hear about your registration for the New York Marathon in November :)